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Update on my Mining Rig

I’m dabbling in all things bitcoin these days. Investing, exchanging, technology, and mining… To name a few. It’s an incredible time to be alive and paying attention; and not just because the price of a bitcoin went over $260 recently. There is a whole world to bitcoin with tens of thousands of people interacting; & mostly all of us are working towards making bitcoin take off and become the next major world currency.

So two weeks after building my first dedicated mining rig, I’m ready to spill some details & pictures. First of all, here is the output, from the windows-based Bitminter client:

My mining Rig's hash rate through Bitminter

My mining Rig’s hash rate through Bitminter

What you’re looking at on the dial there is the total hashing rate (in Mega-hashes per second) that my rig is adding to the Bitminter mining pool. I do not use the CPU on this machine, only the 3 Graphical Processors. (GPUs) Continue reading


Avalon Batch 3 News

Avalon ASIC Chips - News about Batch #3

Avalon ASIC Chips – News about Batch #3

Breaking News on Avalon ASICs: Batch three may or may not get sold, but will officially cost 75 Bitcoins if it does, and start shipping at the end of April.

75 bitcoins is currently = $5,415 USD on MtGox. Ouch! (They sold the last batch for $1,299 USD.)

They said all of this tonight in a newsletter update and ¬†that they determined this price by taking “the current mining difficulty which at the time of writing, just got readjusted to about 6,695,826. We take that number and multiply it by two ( predicting the network speed will double. ) and calculate the return in a thirty day window, which is about 75 bitcoins.”

The tricky part, however, is that they have said that “it is up to the community” if they are going to sell batch three or use them to farm with themselves! They do not give a date precisely, but at the bottom of the newsletter they said in large letters: “Decide on 8:30AM EST, 3/25/2013.” (Tomorrow.) -So there will be talks all night overnight on their FAQs page that decide the fate of this last shipment. Continue reading