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Bitcoin will be central to the DEFCAD revolution

Dear friends, I just saw the future, and it is completely distributed.

Earlier today, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed (where you can download printable gun parts) released a video that gave me as much hope as bitcoin does, if not more, for reshaping this planet into something desirable.

Without further ado, here’s the video: (We’re very likely going to be discussing it many times in the future, so you might want to take notes!)

DEFCAD is going to be a¬†Bittorrent-like program, totally peer-to-peer, that has its’ own search for any and all 3D files online, especially the illegal ones. (Right now it’s just a website listing printable gun parts. Later it will be be a full peer-to-peer protocol listing all kinds of products, including those that unfairly cost too much, such as a prosthetic limb.)

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