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Constant drivers for Bitcoin usage

What are the primary drivers of Bitcoin's epic growth?

The primary drivers of Bitcoin’s epic growth are:

W00t! Bitcoin broke through $50 tonight for the first time. Bitcoin’s adoption worldwide, too, is up. WAY up.

But still there are doubters that bitcoin can become truly relevant. Most opinions online assume that any bitcoin’s success is strictly due to the black market, and a few tech-loving geeks, A few others will admit that there is some actual market┬áspeculation going on too by random investors.

Thankfully, this isn’t even close to a realistic sampling of the bitcoin community. In fact it is laughably off track.

There are a few polls online, some informal, and a few much more formal like this one taken mostly from users of the BitcoinTalk forum. Taken together, these polls paint a pretty clear picture of who is actually buying bitcoin, and there appear to be 7 distinct groups that my untrained eyes can spot.

In order from most popular to least, the 7 groupings of bitcoiners are: Continue reading