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Bitcoin Reaches Critical Mass

Must... Not... spend... Rent Money... on Moar Bitcoins!

Must… Not… Spend… Rent money… On Moar Bitcoins!

I’m hearing so much good news about the growth & future of Bitcoin these last few weeks that I’m fully convinced that bitcoin has reached the critical mass it takes to ensure success. The mind boggles at how much good news is churning out each day in fact and how this news is going to effect the price of bitcoin… But then I start to wonder, why hasn’t the upward surge started yet?

The answer must be that only hardcore bitcoiners are hearing this stuff so far… The mainstream public is still trying to just wrap their heads around what bitcoin is, and frankly just isn’t ready to understand ┬áthe significance of all these investments, laws, new services, and new vendors. That, and I probably don’t speak the language where most of the bitcoin news is being reported. Continue reading


Namecheap Domains Now Accepting Bitcoin

Namecheap becomes first Registrar to accept Bitcoin

Namecheap becomes first Registrar to accept Bitcoin!

Namecheap has gone down in history as the first domain Registrar to accept Bitcoin!

Wow, these are extremely exciting times we live in. This means anyone, anywhere at all can now pay for a domain anonymously… Which was the last true hurdle people had to face when buying domains if they were seeking privacy.

Full Disclosure: I was a Namecheap customer with hundreds of domains for over 5 years. I left namecheap about 3 years ago because of their lacking customer support, and bulk domain lower prices I found elsewhere. They are far more scrupulous than a host like GoDaddy, however, so I hold no ill will towards them.

How are they handling the conversion? Namecheap is using Bitpay. From their add funds page:

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