About Mr. Finger

Bitcoinfinger, whom some people know as Luke, is a Bitcoin investor & noobie bitcoin miner. This is his bitcoin blog.

Luke is a bit fearful of his evil uncle, Sam, so he’s not going to go into much detail here about himself. Needless to say though, he likes keeping up on the latest Bitcoin news and giving commentary about it here. That’s all you’re really allowed to know about Luke for now.

Q: Why chose to publish such a fine pinnacle of journalism on a free WordPress Blog?

A: Safety from future government intrusion, mainly… That plus the awesome fact that wordpress.com is FULLY behind bitcoin themselves, even helping to pioneer bitcoin payments! Check this out: WordPress takes Bitcoin.


5 thoughts on “About Mr. Finger

    1. Luke Post author

      Thanks Pinchy! They’ll be trickling in every day or two for a while now.

      This would be a great place for you or anyone to suggest any bitcoin-related topics you’re curious about.

      1. Tom Seven

        I’m definitely interested in your opinion on services that act as a proxy to buy anything with btc. What will it take for these services to become practical? Are any of the current services actually useful?

        Also, I’m always interested in hearing start up ideas around bitcoin.

        Here’s something I wonder about that’s a little more far-fetched: how poweful are Google and Amazon compared to the US government? Google seems pretty much on board with the status quo, but Jeff Bezos seems libertarian leaning. Amazon is already pissed about the sales tax situation… will a major episode in the collapse of the US governement be when Amazon starts accepting BitCoin?

        One more thing. I recently heard a podcast host complaining that is was nearly impossible for him to exchange BTC for USD because there weren’t enough USD available on the market. Is this kind of situation for real or was he just being a drama queen?

        Thanks! Hopefully that gives you some article ideas.

        1. Luke Post author

          All good suggestions, thanks again. I truly fear the day Bezos decides to take Bitcoin on Amazon.com, because my uncle would have no other options but to fight Bitcoin head-on from that point.

          Let’s hope Bezos knows this and is content with 3rd-party systems selling his inventory through their sites.

  1. ryan

    Hi Luke,

    amazing blog! your contribution to the Bitcoin movement is invaluable. I particularly enjoyed your post on Why Austrians Are Wrong. It was frustrating when so many Austrians were being negative in the beginning considering I am such a fan of Mises and Hayek. Its encouraging to see many of them are coming around these days.

    Anyways, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what were doing here at http://bex.io/ . Basically we are a white-label bitcoin exchange as a service.

    If you ever want some content for your blog or need a quote we would be more than happy to collaborate. It is our long term goal to enable a global, world-wide liquidity pool for digital currencies.

    Keep up the good work!



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