How about a P2P Facebook replacement that only uses Bitcoin?

Now's the time to Replace Facebook with a P2P, private, bitcoin-taking program!

Now’s the time to replace Facebook with a distributed, private, bitcoin-taking program!

This peer-to-peer project might not net the owner too much money since it’s goal is to be completely distributed, open sourced, and community controlled, but perhaps something like a few dedicated advertising spots on the front of the site for the originator could make you rich if this thing actually gets close to replacing facebook one day.

Think of this as a free software program that contains a website-like system very much like facebook… It has all the profiles, walls, something like tweets, communications, advertising, even games ported in, everything at all that can be duplicated from social sites onto a completely distributed software platform.

Why would this be so awesome? Because people are PISSED right now about the privacy issues with facebook; Now more than ever after the PRISM leak! They also have never been happy about the advertising situation there, which is a negative this system can turn into a positive.

Facebook’s user stats are in freefall right now. It’s the perfect time to make a competitor to facebook that has absolutely no one running the show, nor any way whatsoever for the NSA/DHS/FBI/white house to get access to people’s personal information there!

Where to store all that data? Why not mega? It’s distributed too, and these content pages could be individualized and small. Each client could then keep a backup of that user’s content locally, but the live version would be served from a mega host for speed and great uptime.

Another major selling point would be the advertising. I guess some users would like facebook a lot more if there were no ads whatsoever, so if that option makes it uber-popular, so be it… However, something that could really make this program viral is to offer every last user of it the ability to monetize their own content with ads!

Again, the originator of the service could retain ads for the common areas, but it would be an awesome incentive for people to create content in that system if beside each chunk of content they make, they can run and ad spot and get paid instantly in Bitcoin for all the clicks there!

A self-service ad manager for advertisers would be in each program, and instead of facebook approving ads, the users themselves would have full control over the ads that run beside their content. Simply remove the middleman.

If done well, this program would obviously be a welcome community to the world to replace facebook with, while at the same time promoting the hell out of bitcoin! Imagine if everyone today on facebook were given a few bitcents from the ads viewed beside their content… Would that help the bitcoin economy much when they go to spend all those coins??

You better believe it… Each bitcoin would be worth tens of thousands of USD if that were already the case.

So who wants to be the next Zuck?

Get your mark… Get set… GO!


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