Foodler now accepts Bitcoin!

Foodler wins the race as first large-scale restaurant service to take Bitcoin

Foodler wins the race as first large-scale restaurant service to take Bitcoin

I’m an android guy myself, and can’t get the Foodler app on my phone, (for now at least) but on iPhones, Foodler is king for restaurant delivery orders.

I just browsed their website and saw an extremely impressive array of restaurants across the united states, all set up to take orders directly through this app or their website. They have many payment options too, including their own “Foodler credits” which appear to be US Dollars just like paypal.

However, with today’s announcement, Foodler wins the long-standing contest in many people’s minds to become the first major food retailer to offer meals for bitcoin. For years there have been many single restaurateurs like local mom-and-pop shops to accept bitcoin in their one location, but no one can live off of one single restaurant alone.

A smaller website called GrubGo was technically the first to try something like this, but they appear to be limited to Missouri, and do not have many restaurants listed nor even have an App to make using their service convenient for the masses.

So this marks a real milestone in Bitcoin’s growth, (as if this month didn’t already have enough of those) in that it is now possible for someone (in any big city of the USA at least) to literally survive using bitcoin alone to pay for things! The variety of foods we humans require made that part of surviving on bitcoins pretty difficult. But no more! Foodler has 12,087 restaurants and growing, all at which you can pay for everything in bitcoin.

Now you have no excuse to stop using nationalized currency if that’s your goal.

Here’s a pic of their new order page with the announcement in it:


Hopefully the Foodler app will be available for Android and other phone OSs soon, but I suppose I could try using their website next time I’m hungry.

Anyone here used Foodler with Bitcoin? If so, please pipe up & tell us how it went in the comments below… I’d review them personally but I’m not stateside right now.


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