Avalon Batch 3 News

Avalon ASIC Chips - News about Batch #3

Avalon ASIC Chips – News about Batch #3

Breaking News on Avalon ASICs: Batch three may or may not get sold, but will officially cost 75 Bitcoins if it does, and start shipping at the end of April.

75 bitcoins is currently = $5,415 USD on MtGox. Ouch! (They sold the last batch for $1,299 USD.)

They said all of this tonight in a newsletter update and  that they determined this price by taking “the current mining difficulty which at the time of writing, just got readjusted to about 6,695,826. We take that number and multiply it by two ( predicting the network speed will double. ) and calculate the return in a thirty day window, which is about 75 bitcoins.”

The tricky part, however, is that they have said that “it is up to the community” if they are going to sell batch three or use them to farm with themselves! They do not give a date precisely, but at the bottom of the newsletter they said in large letters: “Decide on 8:30AM EST, 3/25/2013.” (Tomorrow.) -So there will be talks all night overnight on their FAQs page that decide the fate of this last shipment.

Very ominous. I’ll be watching.

Here’s how they worded it: “We at Avalon did not even wish to sell another batch. If you recall, our original plan was to produce only one batch, sell chips to thwart the centralization of mining, but due to the lackluster performance of our competitors we are here today as the exact centralization we tried to decouple. In addition, this delay is eating into our timeline for this project’s future goals and various other projects. To be frank: it was a simple decision of build a mining farm ourselves and mine for a month or so to get the funding for things like the SMT line and next generation development vs. raise the price and sell units trying to get the money earlier to counterbalance the delay we have had. So, we came up with some terms and left the choice to the community.”

One thing else I notices on their FAQs page is that they are talking about selling the ASIC chips in bulk to anyone who wants to make rigs too. This is good news at least, showing that they truly want to spread the Mining capability around further than they can produce themselves… Of course we’ll have to wait many months for those new businesses to crank out products.

Update: They appear to be ON SALE NOW. Go! Go! Go!


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